My family had the opportunity to spend a week at beautiful Nojiriko.  This is the second year we have had this opportunity.  I hope there will be many more such times at this beautiful lake area.

DSCF6119packed up and ready to go

DSCF6121Pixie too!!

DSCF6284our cabin

DSCF6124game time while eating Noodle Goo

DSCF6157long walks in the woods





and then there was the lake…




my DH spent most of his time doing this


On the last day, my hubby and I went in quest of the perfect picture.  We drove on a narrow road that became narrower, then gravel, then dirt!  There was nowhere to turn around and I have to admit that it was a little scary.  It was a great adventure and we had a great time laughing together.


like I said, scary…

but wait until you see the view…



It was so hard to say goodbye…

2 thoughts on “Nojiriko

  1. mike vajda

    I have been going to Nojiri-ko since I was nine years old.I love Nojiri as well.I now live on Maui.I hope to visit Nojiri this year.I am now 55 years old.My family useto rent/own cabins in gaijin mura.I spent winters and summers there.

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