or reforming as they say in Japan.  I’ve been giving my blogs a facelift.  Let me know what you think of the new look.  

Life in the summer in Japan…
1.  summer camps
2.  special times of fellowship with other churches
3.  J is home
4.  Tim speaking at another church’s fellowship
5.  English classes until the end of July
6.  hot, hot, hot
7.  lots of rain until the end of July
8.  cold soba for lunch
9.  family fun days when possible
10.  J got a summer job!  
11.  missing family and friends stateside
12.  ice coffee at Starbuck’s
13.  rest times from the heat, heat, heat
14.  use of the air con whenever possible
15.  croak when you get the electric bill from the air con
16.  lots of ice tea
17.  reminiscing on past summers
18.  planning projects and school for the fall
19.  reading to take a break from the heat, heat, heat
20.  crockpot cooking so as not to add heat to the hot, hot, hot house
Do you get the idea that it is hot here!?!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Remodeling…


    I really like your new look. It looks so happy.It has really been hot here in Texas also. It did finally come a shower a few days ago. It was so welcome. It had been so long since I had smelled the smell of rain, heard the sound of rain falling on our home, seen the effects of rain on the yard. It was a blessing. connie

  2. Maggie Ann

    I'm glad you are ok..I read about the landslide in Japan…and not being very 'up' on locations and such it made me worry a bit for your safety. I like your new blog look. Its fun to change things around a bit! Sorry to hear you are having such a hot summer. Our electric bills are over the top this summer…but it looks like it will get worse sooner than better with politics full steam ahead..alas. I'm heading over to the library…a book on felting I ordered has come in and I've two spinning books to return. Its a bright sunshiny afternoon here with showers to come later today. I love sunshine….what an energizer mentally…grin.

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