Climbing Mt. Fuji

Climbing Mt. Fuji is something that I have always wanted to do. Our family had the opportunity to go with a group yesterday and so we did. My oldest son made it to the top!

Since Mt. Fuji is a volcano, there was lots of lava rocks and lava gravel and ash. It was o.k. going up, but coming down was quite slippery.
The altitude made you stop to catch your breath more often. I loved watching the clouds roll in and out on the mountain.
I made it to station 6 and that’s o.k. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot for a future hike. I’d like to make it to the top sometime in the next few years. If I plan it right and keep working out like I have been, I think I can do it. It’s a lofty goal, but you have to have goals, right?

7 thoughts on “Climbing Mt. Fuji

  1. Carolyn

    I have heard that "He who go to Japan and not climb Mount Fuji is fool and he that go to Japan and climb Mount Fuji twice is double fool!" I am a DOUBLE FOOL! I got part way up each time but had to spend a few hours at a hostel before going on to the top. I think I got to 7.2 the first time and almost station 8 the second. I was MUCH younger then and didn't have asthma as I do now! I like your photo and would encourage you to post it on your other site. HUGS

  2. Brenda

    My dad climbed Fuji-san 30-something years ago, and it's always been my dream to do it too!What things did you learn? Share the knowledge! Did you start at the bottom and get all the way to six?

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