Fuji Flower and the Flower Park

This is the first year that I was able to enjoy the Fuji flower or wisteria.
My friend and I bought a bento lunch and ate it at the wisteria festival.
So beautiful…
The next photos are from a new flower park that we visited.

Some of the tulips were finished, but many were still lovely.
an aerial view….

5 thoughts on “Fuji Flower and the Flower Park

  1. Sue

    How beautiful! I love wisteria. By the way, I happened to click on your link for Faith Baptist Church, and was surprised to find that it is in Taylors. My dad and two of my sisters live there (and that’s where we stay when we go back for visits), and my dad goes to Lee Road United Methodist. I lived there from age 1-8, but we moved to the Atlanta area after that. My parents moved back to Taylors to be near my sisters after I got married and moved here permanently. Small world! Is that your home church?


    So beautiful, thank you so much for sharing what our eyes would not have been able to see without you. connie

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