Signs of the Times

This blog is not political in nature and I do not want it to be. Every now and then something comes up that can’t be ignored. We’ve heard the news media and people call our new president their messiah. Some have called him the anti-christ. One thing that I have realized as events have unfolded in the last few months is how easy it will be for anti-christ to come. Today this article was brought to my attention: Radio chip coming soon to your driver’s license? It is such a comfort to know that God is in control!

Maybe today, my Lord will come for me,
Maybe today, my Savior I shall see;
Maybe today from sin I shall be free,
Jesus will come, and I will go home,
it maybe today!
~Frank Garlock

2 thoughts on “Signs of the Times


    Just knowing that God is in control of it all is what brings peace to my heart in these what could be very disturbing times. I love the picture at the top of you blog. It is just beautiful. connie

  2. Maggie Ann

    I hadn’t heard about this before. A chilling thought for sure. I’m glad you heard about it though and shared it. How sweet the thought that Jesus may come today. What an uplifting way to end your post. =)

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