President of the World?

I never want this blog to become political. It is intended to be about my life in Japan and sometimes drifts off to what I am thinking. Today I read this headline: In Some Nations, People Look to Obama as President of the World. If you are a Christian, that has to make you stop and think…

5 thoughts on “President of the World?


    Boy, does it ever. I have seen the pictures on TV how other Countries acted when he became president. It is like the whole world is worshipping him and that to me is both scary and making me lift my head because our reedemption may be drawing nigh. connie

  2. Just Me

    I read your blog often. Thanks for being so faithful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.I don’t like the outcome of the election, but I do find hope in knowing that many things must happen in order to fulfill prophecy and I guess this is one of them. Continually Serving the Master,Sandra

  3. Maggie Ann

    It makes me wonder what will happen with him as President and so widely received worldwide…those arms lifted in salute by some foreign nations…was that normal? I’m sitting on the edge and waiting. And thankful that no man can pluck us out of Jesus’ hand.

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