One thing I had to learn to do when I came to the mission field was cook from scratch. There are no bottles of Ragu or box mixes. When you can find them, they are outrageously priced! One thing that I really miss is brownies. I have never been able to find a recipe that I like. Today my daughter made Ashley’s brownies and they were heavenly. You should try them!


2 thoughts on “Brownies

  1. Maggie Ann

    How thrilling that God gave you that wonderful sewing machine that does so much. I’m glad for you! About cooking, well, its not my favorite thing to do so I like shortcuts of any kind. Like crockpot recipes for one. And brownies are chocolate and now that I’m older I don’t ‘do’ chocolate very well, so please enjoy them for me too, ok? Your header is rich and Autumn like…and lifts up our Lord’s love for the world…a good thing. Hope you are having a good week.

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