At the end of August and beginning of September, we were able to get away for some R & R at Lake Nojiri. It was after peak season, so there were no crowds. The cabin we were in is owned by Americans, so it was like being in the states. For a few days, I almost forgot that I was so far away from “home” and loved ones.
the lake…the kids were able to go sailing one afternoon

the cabin

B & R caught fish at the trout farm. B watched them clean them and cook them and then we had a great dinner! YUM!

The lady sitting beside me is a missionary in Tokyo. She has become a dear friend. She invited us to Nojiri and I am grateful. It was a wonderful time!

2 thoughts on “Nojiri

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, what a beautiful picture … and it brings back such wonderful memories! My love to you all! Please give Martha my best!Kay W

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