Interesting facts about Japan…

~It’s rude to blow your nose in public
~Japan is made up of over 3000 islands
~The density in some parts of Japan is over 2000 people per square kilometer
~There are over 1.2 million single mother households in Japan
~Japan is in one of the most earthquake-active areas of the world
~There are over 100 active volcanos in Japan
~Less than 13% of the land is suitable for farming
~Over 80% of Japanese claim no personal religion, although most follow some religious rituals
~Tokyo is Japan’s capitol, but there has been talk of moving the capitol because of the many earthquakes around Tokyo
~A Japan Christian missionary faces many challenges, including cost of living, language and complexities of society and culture. Please pray!

4 thoughts on “Interesting facts about Japan…

  1. Martha C

    These were so intersting! I am glad you shared. Along with Maggie Ann, I was also wondering what was the cause of so many single mom households.

  2. Senkyoshi

    I’m not sure what the official opinion would be of the statistic for single moms. I have my own opinion for this, but do not wish to publish in order to be respectful of the people that we are trying to reach. If you would like to e-mail me privately, I would be glad to answer the question. Thanks for understanding.

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