Summers in Japan

. . . are much shorter than in the USA. The weather is much the same as South Carolina, hot and humid from June through some of September. The school holiday begins July 21st and lasts through the end of August. Most people will take a vacation during this time to get away from the heat. There are also fireworks displays during this time that are extraordinary. They are usually done at a river or at a port. Many young women will where the summer yukata pictured above. It is not as difficult as the kimono to wear and it is made of cotton so it is much, much cooler. We will take our vacation at the end of August when the roads and the campgrounds aren’t so crowded. This year we plan to go to the sea.
Hope you are having a good summer. Our’s is just beginning. Children’s camp is next week. All of my kids will be staff this year! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Summers in Japan

  1. Barbara H.

    Do Japanese women wear yukatas or kimonos in everyday life, or only for certain occasions or jobs? Or does it depend on the area where they live? Years ago our former pastor went to visit missionaries then in Japan (the Pattersons)and was expecting to see a lot of kimonos but saw most people in western dress.

  2. Maggie Ann

    I love that picture! The culture is so different from ours…it must be like another world altogether. I enjoy reading about your world…smile. And, I’m here to invite you to come on over and read my ‘Reading’ meme. Sorry its taken me so long. If I post some more just scroll down and find it ok? How wonderful that your kids are staff this year…its so sweet to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Especially in our lives…smile. Hope you have a wonderful time at the sea..that sounds so relaxing.

  3. Senkyoshi

    The Japanese wear western clothing. The kimonos and yukatas are worn on special occasions and holidays. The ones in the picture are summer yukatas and if you go to a fireworks display, you will see many. Sometimes, when I am in town, I see a lady that is working in a kimono or going to a Kabuki wearing one. It is alwasy a special treat!


    It would be nice if you could come to visit our ocean. You would like it I am sure. Hope you have a great vacation when you do get to take one. connie from texasHope you are doing really good!!!

  5. Teeny Tiny cabin

    Hi Senkyoshi,Lovely, lovely kimonos! And such beautiful colors! Your comment was helpful in explaining, cause I was wondering too!Last week I heard there was an earthquake in Northern Japan, just in passing, as Fox news was blaring in the background. I immediately thought of you and prayed. I don’t know what part of Japan you live in for sure–but I pray all is well. I haven’t heard anything else on the news, so I’m taking that to mean it wasn’t bad? May God bless and protect-Love Ya–Claudia

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