The summer is flying…

We have been so busy, but have been taking out some time for fun family times and special times with friends. One memorable day was a trip to an amusement park. This was R’s wish for her 16th birthday. She wanted to wait until J could join us. Some other family joined us too! It was a great day!

This ride is a corkscrew. You go forward and then it corkscrews you backwards. My hubby said that if they made prisoners ride this, it would be called torture!


This used to be the world’s tallest roller coaster. Now it is #3! Yikes!

My favorite ride with two of my favorite people.

Typically, I enjoy this ride. I decided to decline when I saw the wall of water. The Japanese wear rain slickers on this ride.

The foreigners don’t!

Sheer insanity! The young people rode this one several times!

Sheer insanity 2!

I had the most fun! I took care of the baby so that my niece could enjoy the rides!

4 thoughts on “The summer is flying…


    I would be down with you taking care of the baby. I don’t do rides very well. I have always walked around looking in the shops while the other rode. Heights and speed are not my thing. I am not a Have a great time. connie from texasSuch a beautiful baby. What fun!!

  2. theshepherdshouse

    Those look like amazing rides ~ it looks like a fun time for all! But I think you had the best spot ~ holding the sweet little baby!Thanks for sharing the pictures of your fun day!Sharon

  3. Maggie Ann

    Oh, you did have the most fun taking care of the baby…I can see! Thats what hubby & I did at Ide, take care of the baby…those rides you picture do look like torture. We haven’t ridden any rides for years now, well, except the merry-go-round. Our necks can’t take it! Your family is BRAVE I see…smile.

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