Share ideas and pictures that involve stitching for the tea table. Any kind of stitches count: sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, tatting, quilting, etc. The work can be yours or of someone else, but should be homemade rather than done by factory machines. Ideas are napkins, tea cozies, table linens, and other creations made with tea themes.

It was hard to decide what to share for this week. I do have lots of tea things. Many are not handmade, so that helped to narrow the field. A few years back I was bitten by the quilting bug, so I decided to share quilts.
 This was made for me by a lady that I have never met. Her daughter gave it to me. Click here for the full story.


A few years ago, my hubby and I relocated half away around the world. We know that we are where we are supposed to be, but it was difficult to say good-bye to loved ones. During the preparation time, I took a quilting class taught by a lady at our church. I learned to love quilting. I made some friends in that class that made it even more special. When our departure was at hand, I made arrangements to have lunch at a tea room with a friend. When I arrived, she informed me that others would be joining us. Most of the ladies from my class plus a few others arrived shortly after that. After lunch, they presented me with this lovely quilt. My main china pattern is the Blue Danube pattern which is blue and white and they know that I love tea about as much as I do quilting! Each lady made a square and then the quilt was but together. Each square has a tea bag tag that the stitcher put her name on. It is a lovely keepsake and I will cherish it always!


Thanks La Tea Dah for hosting this event. It has been fun!

24 thoughts on “Stitches-for-tea

  1. ceekay

    Oh, your blue tea cup quilt is so precious! I just love the idea of the names on the tea tags…It got an Ooooooh from me!

  2. theshepherdshouse

    I love the idea of the teabag with the quilter’s name! Both of the quilts are beautiful–what special treasures!! :)Blessings, Sharon

  3. La Tea Dah

    Both of your quilts are beautiful — and the story behind each is very special as well. I have always been drawn to signature quilts, and yours with the signature on a stitched teabag is unique and special. I love the idea.Could you email me regarding your other question? I’m at gmail (name of blog first).Thanks,LaTeaDah

  4. Denise

    What a beautiful post! I love the story behind the teacup quilt. What a wonderful touch to add teabags with the names of those who love and care! Your story reminded me of a quilt made by the church ladies of the little church my parents pastored right before going to Africa. Such a comforting reminder of those who loved and cared for us and were holding the ropes back home.Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics and story!Have a lovely week!

  5. Scrabblequeen

    Wow. I can only agree with all of the others…what a beautiful quilt and a lovely thought, too. I love the names on the tea tags, so you will never forget.

  6. Charli and me

    You must be one special lady for your group to do that for you. I love both quilts but epecially the one that the ladies stitched their names on. What a wonderful keepsake you have.

  7. Sweet Necessi-Teas

    I love the story behind your blue and white tea quilt! It is so beautiful and will always be treasured for how it came to be. God bless you!

  8. ellen b

    Wow what special quilts these are. The love and friendship represented in the second one is beautiful. What a blessing. Enjoy…

  9. Nicole

    I’m so glad that you’re participating in this blog-a-thon! The stories behind both your quilts and teacups is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. I hope I can contribute sometime during the blog-a-thon and inspire others too.

  10. Miss Sandy

    Love the quilts. I have never been a big fan of the color blue but your precious memory teacup quilt won me over! I think it is beautiful!

  11. Vee ~ A Haven for Vee

    Your teacup wall quilts are lovely. What a clever idea for the gals to embroider their names on the teabags. I am sure that this is a special treasure in your home.

  12. Sandra

    Both quilts are just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. I would love to learn to quilt…maybe someday. :o)

  13. Arleen ~ The Tea Room

    I love quilts but have never been a quilter. I especially like the blue and white quilt because of the little tea bag tags in the design. Absolutely charming!

  14. Cori G.

    What a beautiful story about friendship and the quilt is darling! I hope you’ve made friends there that are just as special. May God richly bless you!

  15. kathi~lavender, lace and thyme

    Oh my, your quilts are so precious. I’ve made a few squares in my life and they are a lot of work so what wonderful gifts they are to cherish :).

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