Love When This Happens!

We went to visit my niece and the her new baby on Friday. Her gift was a long-time work in progress. The orange package with the green ribbon was purchased in December. It is a picutre frame with a large space in the center for a 12-month picture and little spaces around it for each month. This way you can see the changes in the baby. In Japan, they wrap any present free of charge. I always take advantage of this. I ordered the book from Amazon. It was late arriving and I was a little nervous. On the very day we went to the hospital, it arrived! I was hoping for something a little special from “auntie” and I love to make things. I saw an idea for burp cloths on another blog site. I knew the baby would be a girl, so I wanted to do something in pink. I also knew that my niece was decorating with Winnie the Pooh. I was delighted when I found this fabric. It was perfect! The orange ribbon for wrapping around the burpcloths was from a gift that I received. I saved it for recycling! I always do this. I went to the 100 yen shop (like the dollar store) to get a gift bag. I was thrilled when I found a Winnie the Pooh tote that can be used for more than a gift bag. When I put it all together, I couldn’t believe how it all coordinated and I really didn’t plan it. Some will call it coincidence. I call it the Lord being involved in my everyday life! He loves me and wants to bring delight to me, just like I want to bring delight to my children. Even in the seemingly smallest of things…

4 thoughts on “Love When This Happens!

  1. Bekah

    Praise the Lord on the new little baby. I really like the gifts that you gave. I’ll have the keep this idea for the next baby that is born in our church.

  2. Sharon L

    What lovely gifts! I saw the burp cloths on the Sparrows Nest also and thought they would make such a nice gift. Maybe I can give them a try! God is so good to be concerned with the smallest of details in our lives!Have a wonderful day!Blessings,Sharon


    I am so happy about the new baby. You gift was just wonderful and I am sure much appreciated. I agree God works even in the seemingly little things of our lives. Have a good night. connie from Texas

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