Freebies & an Award

I love freebies. Karla Dornacher has some free Valentine downloads here. Hope you enjoy them.

Barbara at Stray Thoughts has given me the “Forever Friends” award. I am honored that she considers me a friend. I want to pass the award on to:

I hate to start naming names, because I don’t want to leave someone out. These are people who have gone the “extra mile” in blogland friendship. Two I know face to face and two I have corresponded with. All four are counted as friends.

3 thoughts on “Freebies & an Award

  1. Maggie Ann

    Dear Senkyoshi,Thank you for this special honor of the “Forever Friends” award! Its a blessing to receive. I’m wearing the biggest smile. I just thought I’d get online quickly & make sure my cello teacher didn’t cancel and saw your comment. You are a very special blogging friend…and thanks to Jesus, we will be friends through out eternity. I hope your day will be as uplifting as the start you’ve given mine. =) We have a beautiful coating of snow this morning. More like a dusting but it is coating the world with beauty…=) Thank you again for this special award!

  2. Teeny Tiny cabin

    Hi Senkyoshi!!You are soooo dear and thoughtful to give me such an award! You touched me deeply and I mean that with all my heart!I have been trying to stay away from my computer so I can get things done and ready for the move–as you well know–and it has been hard! How I miss you! I was tempted to post today after I saw your name in my email and read your message!Things are moving slowly, but surely– as we continue to work on the new cabin–and now we are aiming for April 1st, God willing.I have been thinking about how you had asked me how I made that collage of pictures and I’ve wanted for some time to email you about it. Anyway, I have a program called “Picasa 2” from Google. It has all kinds of tools for uploading, tweeking, printing and storing your photos, Making collages and picture piles is another option of the many features of the program. Hope that helps.Thanks so very much for thinking of me! As always I enjoyed everything about catching up on your blog!May God continue to Bless you and your family, Love Ya! (I’ll be back before ya know it!)Claudia

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