Church News


Sunday was an exciting day. We had 4 visitors! It looks like at least one will stick. We had a new man join us recently, so our numbers are increasing slowly. Praise the Lord!

We are praying about starting a new ministry for foreigners in the heart of our city. There are many. English is a common language. We may have found a room to rent. We are still trying to finalize things.
I continue on with my language studies. It is hard to find the time I need to devote to them. I keep working on it, trusting that someday soon, God will open my understanding.
Some little interesting tidbit: In Japan, when you do something for someone they always return the favor. It is impossible to do something for someone without them doing something back for you. For example, my DH took some Christmas cookies to one of our neighbors. Their daughter is in the states and we were missing J, so we just wanted to show some neighborly care. She promptly ran to the kitchen and gave us some mikans (a clementine, sort of like a tangerine.) I really don’t think there is such a thing as a free gift here!

3 thoughts on “Church News

  1. Maggie Ann

    About the gifts…at least they are’nt hard hearted or selfish. That must be really encouraging to have a prospective new member! And nice that many speak English. I like that…smile. The new ministry in the city sounds like it has a lot of potential.

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