Small Things

How many times a day do we dismiss the small things as coincidence? Recently, I was reminded of the fact that God orchestrates the events in our life, large and small, to reveal Himself to us. God is a God of love. He cares about the little things that are important to us, just like we care about the little things that important to our loved ones. In the morning, I stated to my husband that I missed Constant Comment tea. I can buy so many things here, but that isn’t one of them. I enjoy this tea, especially at this time of the year. I wasn’t sad, just a little wistful. That afternoon, I had to go to my storage pantry at the church to get some Splenda. I was having a very difficult time finding it and as the minutes went by, I was also getting a little frustrated. Where was that Splenda!!!!! I climbed on a chair and reached up to feel around on the top shelf and pulled out a little zip-lock bag. Guess what was in it??!! Individually packaged Constant Comment tea bags!!!! I have no idea how they got there, but I can assure you that God knows and He planned my Splenda search so that I would find them just when I needed some special encouragement from Him!

your Father knoweth what things ye have need of,
before ye ask him.”
~Matthew 6:8

2 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Cathy

    I like your sweet story about the tea. I do remember your telling about how short you are, and I am only 5’2″. I am now on a low fat diet because my LDL is “bad.”. I need to lose weight and start exercising.

  2. Teeny Tiny cabin

    Hi Senkyoshi!Constant Comment is one of my favorite teas too!I know just exactly what you mean about our great God caring about the smallest things!God has encourage me with smallest details–things only He knows I’m thinking about. This may seem silly–but–one time I was planning on using real butterfly wings in some artwork. When I looked on the Internet, the butterflies were way too expensive. That afternoon, as I was walking in the woods looking for leaves (it was in the late Fall) and mushrooms–something red caught my eye from under a fallen tree. Yes! As I looked closer there lay a perfectly preserved Monarch butterfly from the summer before! I had told no one about my silly little ideas-only God knew and cared! I was not so excited about finding the butterfly in November as I was about the knowledge that God was letting me have a glimpse of Him and His tender care! He also has, many, many times sent little things my way to encourage me and make me smile when I’ve had a heavy heart and am walking and praying-like having a beautiful 10-point Buck jump right in front of me, seeing newborn twin fawns or there was the time I saw an Indigo Bunting, sitting as beautiful as can be on a pine tree (a very rare sighting in our parts). Anyway, we have a great God who cares for us and sees all and I’m so very thankful!Thank you for sharing this-I am so happy to hear about Gods working in your life–wonderful post!Also-I was wondering if you would mind emailing me at your home address? Thanks so much and Blessings and Prayers to You!Claudia O

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