What I’ve Been Up to Lately

I promised my daughter that when we returned from the states, we would fix up her room however she wanted it. When your’re 15, Cinderella doesn’t cut it any more. 🙂
We bought this sign at a craft fair in the USA and used it for our color scheme. We can’t get paint mixed in Japan and what you see is what you get. She was happy when it was all done.

Her dad decided she needed some new furniture. Now everything is white. She loves her new bed and it has storage drawers underneath, which are a great bonus!! The curtains and comforter are old. I am working on a quilt that I will show you soon. It has all the colors in the sign. We are looking for curtains, but I may end up making them.

I loved this wallpaper border and was looking for somewhere to use it. I decided to put it in the downstairs halfbath. I didn’t know what color I wanted to paint. I wanted to brighten up this small dingy room. I do not like the pink tile, but changing it is not an option. We bought this green paint for R’s room and then vetoed it after we got it home. I decided to put it in the bathroom thinking it would blend o.k. with the border. When I put it up, I was shocked at how perfectly it matched. It looks like I had it mixed. I am thrilled with the outcome.

The Lord is good!!

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