Fall is in the air in our part of the world…finally! The leaves are barely turning. The colors here are not near as beautiful as home, so I enjoy pictures and I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone else’s fall blogs. I’m sorry that I have not posted for some time. I have undertaken a huge project. It took much longer than anticipated. I am renovating my daughter’s bedroom. New paint, furniture, etc. She is thrilled. The “little girl” look didn’t cut it any more. We have packed away the doll things. 😦 Her good dolls are in a cabinet. We had fun dressing up her American Girl friends in their Christmas clothes before placing them in the display cabinet. We decided to change their clothes with the seasons. With that I realized that you never totally outgrow your dolls. When everything is complete, I will post pictures. Until the next time…

3 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

    Love that gorgeous fall picture!It’s good to see you “out and about” again. :-)Isn’t it a little sad to pack away the dolls and childhood things? I always have mixed emotions when packing away my guys’ stuff that they’re not playing with any more. The room looks better — but it’s a little sad, too.I like the idea of dressing the dolls according to the season.

  2. Teeny Tiny cabin

    I understand the time it takes to redecorate–but it sounds like you made a precious memory of it with your daughter and that is so important.I’ll be so busy cleaning, and redoing soon, I don’t think I’ll have much time to blog. As it is I haven’t been able to write anything very meaningful, but I do enjoy the friends I’ve made and can pray for. After building, selling and moving for four years, (all part of God’s plan to use us in His ministry) I will be happy to finally be settled and my husband can finally have a bit of a rest.Praying for you and your family–Claudia O.

  3. Maggie Ann

    What richness to have a daughter at home yet. The dolls sound very special…what precious memories you are making together. I love decorating…the outcome is always so rewarding.

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