Summer Activities, Part 3

Everytime we have all the grandkids together on my side of the family, we take a picture. The oldest is on the right and the youngest in on the left. We have been doing this since they were toddlers and infants. It is fun to look at all the pictures and see the changes.

After posing nicely for several cameras, they like to do a fun one!

We went to 2 family reunions, but I can only find pictures from one. 😦

We made one more trip to a mega amusement park. It was just our family, but it was a very special day in light of the fact that J is not with us now.

Three roller coasters intersect here. I rode the yellow one……about 23 years ago!
Had you going for a minute didn’t I?!

R and J enjoyed the Griffon where you are suspended looking down for several seconds.

B is a nut!! He always makes us laugh. 🙂

Alas, all good things must come to an end. It was a wonderful summer with lots of memories. Thanks to all that housed us and feed us and spent your time with us. It was a trip to we will never forget!

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