Summer Activities, Part 2

Family traditions are so important. This place has been one in our family for over 16 years. I don’t know how many trips we have made, but they each have their own memories.
There aren’t any more toddlers, so Storybook Forest was not part of the agenda on this day. Three moms and a dad braved the heat with this gang of cousins!
The first event of the day was a competition with the bumper cars!
The kids did some reminiscing of their own in the play places. What used to be with mom’s and tots was now a race with the kids pulling their own ropes.

The historical Rollo Coaster and Merry-Go-Round are fun for any age!No day at Idlewild is complete without a ride on the old favorites like The Whip

or a new favorite, the log ride!
Thanks for stopping by. There’s more to come…

One thought on “Summer Activities, Part 2

  1. Bekah

    Looking at your pictures brought back so many memories of being at Idlewild with all my friends. My favorite is the “Mouse”. Glad the kids were able to have lots of fun!!!

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