Until next time…

This is our last family portrait until next summer. J is safe at college. He registers for classes tomorrow. He’s doing well and seems to be adjusting to his new life. I have one week left in the USA. I am ready to return “home.” I have enjoyed my time here, but I am ready to get back in the saddle! When I return home I will share a synopsis of all our activities. Until the next time…

5 thoughts on “Until next time…

  1. Martha C

    Thank you for the kind comment about Troy. I was actually there that morning, too. (Was my first time.) I thought Troy would enjoy having us there to hear him. Since I had my munchkins, I was in the balcony.Troy helped with registration on Sat and Sun, so I told him to look for you guys, but. . .guess he didn’t see you. 🙂

  2. Teeny Tiny cabin

    Just stopping by to say Hello! Looking forward to hearing about your Summer. Mine has been crazy, busy, making the summer go by a little too quickly.I loved your post on Blooming where Planted! Glad you posted it!Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers-Claudia O

  3. Maggie Ann

    What a nice picture of your family, your children are growing up so fast…and all so good looking too..smile. I’ll look forward to your posts when you get home…there in Japan.

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