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Here is an excerpt from my latest newsletter:

We had a surprise barbeque for J in honor of his high school graduation. He isn’t quite finished yet, but weddings and furlough were scattering family and friends, so we had it a little early. When it was over he told us that was the day his friends in the USA were graduating and having parties! God’s timing was perfect.

This past weekend, we attended a very multi-cultural wedding. The groom is Japanese. His bride is part Brazilian and part Japanese. Churches here are made up of people from many countries. The guests were Brazilian, Japanese, American and Filipino. In Japan, the parents are announced as they walk up the aisle to be seated. Then the groom is announced and he walks the aisle to the front. I have never seen such a happy groom. His smile was from ear to ear and he looked like he was floating up the aisle! It was a garden wedding with sunflowers as the theme. The bride chose this because the groom always calls her his sunflower. It was a wonderful day! The groom’s family has a ministry for special needs people. He and his new wife will be helping in this ministry. Two buses were rented to take guests from our area to the Tokyo area for the wedding. We had great fellowship on the trip and I had my first land view of Mt. Fuji! It is usually hidden in the clouds. We drove around three sides of it. It was extraordinary.
Yesterday, my brother-in-law and his family left for a one-year furlough. We went to the airport to see them off. We live in different cities, but get together for family gatherings. It will be a lonely year here without them.

3 thoughts on “The Latest News

  1. Scooter Finazzio

    Very Cool pictures. So what will your son do next? We have a lot of multicultural here as well in our city. It makes life interesting. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and yours. I am looking forward to getting homeschool done and summer!! 🙂

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