Sights and Sounds

This is will not be a profound post. I thought I would show some pictures from the neighborhood. Hope you enjoy the music I have on my blog now. I will try to change it from time to time.

They are building what appears to be three new houses on the vacant lot across the street from us. This is the view from in front of our house. They put the scaffolding up yesterday and almost have the entire house framed by noon today! They use net to contain and hide the mess.

This is a very neat construction site, but it is extremely noisey. There will be no quiet in our neighborhood for the next few months!

We have been working on the yard little by little. I see this rose bush when I walk out the front door. I planted it last summer. It has lots of buds on it! I can hardly wait!

The front of the house. Nothing will grow in front of the air conditioner unit when it is running, so I opted for the Japanese way with four color rocks.

This is the garden on the side of the house. There are 3 rose bushes and a clemantis. (sp?) One of the rose bushes is starting to bloom!

This clemantis was in a pot that the previous occupants left behind. I was going to throw it out when I noticed it had new growth on it. I kept it just to see what it was. It did well last spring, but this spring is spectacular!

This is what we added this spring. The arch is going to have climbing roses on it. There is one in the pot beside it that I need to get in the ground. I hope to get another one for the other side soon. In front of the arch is a peony and I put in a couple of hostas.
Thanks for visiting me today. Hope you enjoyed the sights!

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