Blogs, Computers and Sons

“Mom, I’ve got bad news. When I tried to change your template….well, you don’t have a blog anymore.” These were the words I heard from my son when I returned from running errands with my husband. “What!!!!” I exclaimed. “Well, actually it’s only the sidebar that’s gone,” he explained. After I had time to survey the damage, I decided that rather than have a panic attack and try to get everything back the way it was, I will do some spring cleaning on the blog and change things a bit. You will see some things back and some things changed. Sometimes accidents are a good thing. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blogs, Computers and Sons

  1. Barbara H.

    What a shocker that would be!!I love your floral background. And in looking down your sidebar, I never knew there were blue roses. I wish I had known that at my wedding! My florist said there were not that many blue flowers (then again it was December). But we probably would not have been able to get them there. It’s lovely!

  2. RoseMary

    Seriously, this is the reason I have been too chicken to do anything with mine! I have absolutely no computer skills, but yours looks great–I’m interested to see what you will change or add back. Just think how much you are learning:)

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