Victoria is Coming Back!!!!

If you are a Victoria magazine fan you need to read this post at Ravenhill Cottage.


5 thoughts on “Victoria is Coming Back!!!!

  1. Barbara H.

    I saw that same post. I am happy to hear it! Victoria was unique among women’s magazines, especially in its early days.

  2. A Weaver's Touch

    Yippeeeeeeee!!!! I have read every VICTORIA from Day One and am thrilled to hear this news! (Carol’s friend and your SP friend!)

  3. Teeny Tiny cabin

    I still have some of the old Victoria magazines-I keep them for inspiration.I understand how life is busy for you. I will be praying.I loved reading about your day spent with your beautiful daughter and neice. And it does look like you had a lovely day!Thinking about you and keeping you and your family in my prayers-With Love as we serve Him together-Claudia.

  4. Maggie Ann

    What good news!… I never thought they would start publishing Victoria magazine again. Hope its just as high quality in content as it used to be.

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