Break Time???

I took a break from language school this semester. I have been so busy that I felt like I needed a little relief. I thought this would give me some time to play catch-up and enjoy life a little. That hasn’t happened. Life is flying and I am struggling to keep up. I did take some time out last week to spend an afternoon downtown with my niece and daughter. We went shopping and had dinner at a cheap, but delicious Italian restaurant. On Friday evening, we made jewelry. It was a lot of fun. I hope the girls had as much fun as I did. My brother-in-law and his family will be going on a one year furlough beginning May 15. It will be awful lonely here without them. The good news is that my mother-in-law and younger sister-in-law (16 years old) will be returning from their furlough in June.

Sunset at the Field of Green

Making Jewels

The Finished Products!

I made the necklace. The girls made the earrings. Such fun!

2 thoughts on “Break Time???

  1. Littlepenpen

    Love the jewelry! I’m so glad that “colorful” earrings are back in style… I am so sick of silver, silver, silver! You all did a beautiful job!

  2. Maggie Ann

    Your jewelry is beautiful!!! And, isn’t it fun to create it and know its a one of a kind piece? I was in a little gift shop yesterday and saw some ‘I want it’ stuff. One was a felted purse made out of a wool sweater. Wish I could draw you a picture of it. I want to try that, and the jewerly they had was amazing…and all there on consignment. Anyway, I just posted..( I know, Finally!, I’m sorry it took me so long) the meme of ‘Favorite Tings From A to Z’. It was fun to do. Thanks for tagging me…=) even if I was your worst procrastinator…

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