This is our yorkie named Pixie. This picture was taken a little over a year ago, the day we brought her home.
Her nicknames are as follows.
N, my nephew, calls her Pickadee Pickadee Pickadeedeedee.
B, my youngest, calls her P.
R, my only daughter, calls her Pick.
J, my oldest, calls her, Picky Babe.
I call her Piku. (Her name in Japanese is Pikushi.)
My hubby calls her……dumb dog!

The Pix-a-nator now. Ain’t she cute!?!

9 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Teeny Tiny cabin

    She is the cutest ever!!!!!Our family has always had nicknames too for our many dogs and cats over the years. I’m already calling Buck, “Buckeroo”, much to my husbands dismay. He named this pup, and thinks Buck should get to know his real name before the nicknames) There’s probably something to that, but I just can’t help it!

  2. Littlepenpen

    I just found your blog recently and love it. Your dog is adorable. I have a new puppy that we are trying to train. I hope to post a picture of him soon.

  3. Bekah

    She really is a pretty dog!!!! I can’t wait until Pixie and Casper meet for the first time. I really hope they become good friends.

  4. Penless Thoughts

    I linked over from A Place Called Home. Hope you don’t mind. Your site looks delightful. I’ll be back! The puppy is precious. It’s cute all the various names she’s been given.

  5. Martha C

    Your husband’s choice cracked me up!Guess where I am going Friday night – to hear the University Chorale! I am very excited. I now think of you and your fondness of BJ whenever I head to a function there. 🙂

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