A Day Out of the City

Last week I told you of all the many things that I had to do this week. Most of it is done now. My final exam was yesterday. I plan to continue studying, but I am taking this semester off from language school. I need a break to try to catch up. We still have a guest and then there is Easter on Sunday. I have to make unleavened bread for communion and I can’t find my recipe. I’ll have to do a websearch when I am done with this post.


Today I took a much needed day off and went to a Hanami Matsuri with a my sister-in-law and a friend. We had a wonderful time!

These booths are a lot like fair booths in the USA. There was food and games and more food.


We ate Okonomiyaki. It’s sort of like a big pancake with cabbage, seafood, egg and pork. Then when it is done, it is folded in half and a sauce is brushed on it. It was yummy! I had to request one without an egg. I seem to have developed an allergy to eggs in recent years. Since I am a foreigner, I hate to do this. I always think that they probably think that it is because I don’t like it.


Cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see!

This was a delightful day. It was like a retreat for me. It is an hour and a half drive one-way for me, but worth it. My home church sent me cds of the recent ladies’ retreat. I listened to them on the way and almost finished the last one before arriving back home. On the way, I could see snow-topped mountains in the distance and cherry trees blooming on the sides of the highway. On my return trip, I saw the sunset over the mountains. I am refreshed and ready for what tomorrow holds.

5 thoughts on “A Day Out of the City

  1. RoseMary

    Your pictures are sooo beautiful. What a fun day out you must have had! Thanks so much for sharing it and for showing us through your camera!

  2. Maggie Ann

    Those cherry trees must have been breath-taking!!! It sounds like you had a fabulous day and I’ve just had a wonderful time enjoying your pictures and post. Thanks so much for sharing your life there in Japan. Its something that I would never be able to see otherwise…=). Back here on the home front…(kidding a little) after a long afternoon of shopping, we dragged ourselves home. Hubby hurried off into the night for visitation amid the swirling snow, wind, and bitter temperature..in the 30’s. I put away groceries, answered the phone and checked my blog. Now hubby is back home and waiting on me to watch ‘the Rifleman’. Yes, I do really like that show..grin.~~So you can see how welcome and refreshing your post is for me tonight…=). Warm wishs to you & your dear family for a Blessed Easter!


    The Cherry Trees were beautiful, only God could have made them. I would have sure liked to have tasted the food. I looked really good. connie from Texas

  4. Martha C

    How fun!Different foods are one of the most difficult things for me to deal with in another country. That’s why I was fine in the Ukraine. They ate lots of fruit and bread! šŸ™‚

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