Several years ago, I fell in love with pansies. In the USA, we lived in the south and they are beautiful there for several months. They grow well here and are a popular flower in the winter. My neighbors’ look better than mine, but I am enjoying mine. I cut these this morning to use for a centerpiece at the ladies’ Bible study. Does anyone out there in blogland know how to press pansies to use for book marks, etc. There was a dear lady in the church that I grew up in that used to make lovely cards and bookmarks. I regret that I didn’t learn how to do that from her, but I would love to learn now. Any help would be appreciated.



Like as a father pitieth his children,


so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.


For he knoweth our frame;


he remembereth that we are dust.


As for man, his days are as grass:


as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.


For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone;


and the place thereof shall know it no more.


But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to
everlasting upon them that fear him,


and his righteousness unto children’s children;


To such as keep his covenant,


and to those that remember his commandments to do them.


~Psalm 103:13-18

8 thoughts on “Pansies

  1. Mrs.B.

    Your centerpiece looks lovely!I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog today. (o:Blessings,~Mrs.B

  2. RoseMary

    How pretty those are! I think I’m starved for color after our cold winter. If you make any book marks, please show them to us!

  3. redmaryjanes

    Hi there Kimberley! It’s great to hear from you. The story goes that my father filled out the birth certificate and added that second e which my Mom always said made my name spelled wrong. My father insists that he always wanted it spelled that way.I like it though, and you are right that there are not many Kimberley’s spelled our way.How funny too that you are also married to a Tim.Japan-how amazing. I would love to visit Japan. We will be going to China hopefully next year to bring our adopted daughter home.Drop by my blog anytime!

  4. Maggie Ann

    Good Morning…Your pansies are gorgeous! Yes, I learned how to make the flower cards from Mrs.K. I’m thinking….haven’t made any for ages. You start with piece of waxed paper (lay it on a piece of freezer paper or something that will protect your tabletop). Make a mixture of oh, half Elmer’s glue and half water or even a bit more glue than water. Brush this on the waxed paper with a soft brush (cosmetic blush brush works). It will ‘bead’ up. Gently place dried flowers (dried in a phone book between paper towels…for about 1 week, or untill they don’t feel damp anymore to the touch). Use tweezers if desired to handle dried flowers, they are so fragile. Now, next step; pull apart the two sections of a kleenex. Using only one of the two pieces of kleenex, gently drop it over your flowers which are now on the gluey waxpaper. Dip your soft & fairly large brush into the water/glue mixture and GENTLY stroke from the top downward OR center out.. over the kleenex. Folds form..they should..thats good. Lay the card/bookmark…in the sun if possible to dry or just let it dry overnight out of the way. Trim to size wanted when dry. If making a card, you cut a piece of paper to fold inside the card and use a touch of gluestick to adhere it in place..only in a couple of spots. Boy, I sure hope I’ve not left out anything. I’ve made so many of these in years past. Mrs.K. was such a blessing to all of us, wasn’t she! Love her…and how she loved good books. Gene Stratton Porter was a huge favorite of hers as well as Bess Streeter Aldridge. Well, happy card making. I wondor if I sent you some dried flowers how I could keep them from breaking during transit. I’ve a notion to try…grin. Sorry to be so lengthy here!

  5. Teeny Tiny cabin

    I just wanted to add that I press flowers all the time in books! In the summer I press Pansies, Daisies, Goldenrod, Ferns, and tree leaves, to name a few. I leave them in between the pages for at least three weeks. Not all flowers work, but I’m always trying different kinds. Pansies press beautifully and African Violets will press too. Maggie Ann’s tutorial on what to do with them next is great!

  6. gramma_s

    I came here from Maggie Ann’s blog. She is so sweet, so I figure anyone that she counts as a friend, ought to be okay. When I was in second grade we had a Bible Study and it was a missionary from Japan that taught the class and she was the one that led me to the Lord, so I have a special place in my heart for Missionary’s from Japan

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