Our View

My hubbie took these pictures from the roof! It gives you an idea of the neighborhood that we live in. Most houses have 3 generations living in them. I just can’t imagine having 3 generations in our 900 square foot house! The yard with the shrubs is our front yard. The brown lattice has a rose bush climbing it that I planted last year. I’m hoping it will fill out and be pretty this year. Our yard is most unusual. The house and church building that we rent was built by Americans. The house was sort of centered so that there is a small front yard and a nice size backyard. The Japanese would have built 2 houses on the lot or built the house on the back of the lot to allow for parking on the front. We are so thankful for what we have. If we lived anywhere else, we probably wouldn’t room to park our cars!

This street T’s with our property. The houses are very close together. Today I saw 2 houses that were a little too close to each other for me! The roof of one was touching the roof of the other. They would never allow that in the USA!

This property is on our street. The empty lot is right beside us. It has sold put nothing has been done to it yet. The property that is being worked on has proved to be a nuisance to us. The workers park blocking our driveway. We have had to ask them to move several times so that we could get out. They work on the property bright and early. The work is noisy and when they move the dirt around it shakes our whole house. There were several times when we wondered if we were having an earthquake only to find out it was the construction crew! I am starting to crave some peace and quiet. Anyway, this is a small lot. In the USA, they would MAYBE put 2 houses on it. It looks like they are going to put in at least 4, possibly even an apartment building. They don’t have the zoning here that we have in the USA. I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Our View

  1. Patricia of Pollywog Creek

    That is so interesting. I know that it must be very cramped to have 3 generations in one small space, but I admire the Japanese for the way they honor the elderly. We didn’t have much more space when we moved my mother in with us until we enclosed the porch to make a room for Emily to sleep in. My bil just returned for yet another visit to Japan. He was stationed there for several years and now that he is retired, he would love to move back. Have a most blessed week, dear friend!

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