Wednesday’s Exhibition and Thursday’s Excitement

Wednesday was an exciting day for me. I have school all morning. My school is next door to the Noritake Showroom and Gallery. I usually pop into the gallery to see what is being exhibited. It is usually paintings, sometimes pottery and rarely antiques. Yesterday it was quilts! They were beautiful. Many were very old and patched from denim, wool, etc. You could tell that it was a true scrap quilt made from what was on hand. My favorite was a quilt that had patches from Domino sugar sacks and flour sacks. I wanted to take a picture, but didn’t have the nerve to ask. The picture above was of the quilt in the front window. It entices you to come in!

Today also had an exciting event. It is difficult to find a lot of things here that we like to eat. We live in a major city so we do have access to a lot that we didn’t have before. Of course, it is for a pretty price. There is Costco in Japan, but we live 3 hours from the nearest one. The tolls to get there would take up any money that we had to spend. We have discovered that there is a website where we can order from Costco and they will ship to our door. I ordered on Monday and it arrived today. I don’t usually buy Ghirardelli chocolate chips, but they are cheaper than the Japanese ones and much better tasting. We nurse them along. My favorite item on the table is the Colby/ Jack cheese. I haven’t had that in 15 months. It is a new item and I am thrilled beyond words! My mouth is watering!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Exhibition and Thursday’s Excitement

  1. Maggie Ann

    I love seeing the details of your life as you live in Japan! The quilt is beautiful and so are the pillows. (Is that the same Noritake that makes china too?) I have always loved and appreciated needlework. My Grandmother and Mom & Aunt always had some ‘pretty’ they were working on. I’m imagining your joy over getting your favorite groceries…I can identify a little. when I find a favorite product or anything I’ve been hunting or wishing for…its a real treat. ~~~I am familiar with Jamie Langston Turner’s books but I loved hearing your views of them 😉 too. I have four of her books and practically begged R. to go to the mall and buy the next one after I read the 1st one. He made me buy them off of ebay and we saved about half the price. I didn’t know she had a new book out….’Winter Birds’. I’ll look it up on ebay first. My favorite character was ‘Birdie’. What a sweet woman…and that part about ..when she cross stitched on her project her husband cross st. on his at the same time. Ahhh, bliss! I wish…grin. When they read a book, it was the same book, snuggled in bed together. more bliss. A woman can imagine can’t she? =). Hope your day is serene!

  2. Teeny Tiny cabin

    Dear Senkyoshi,So happy to hear that you were able to get find a way to order some of the things you and your family enjoy. We never think about things like that here in the States, so I think its so good that you share it.The quilts are truly a colorful feast for the eyes and it sounds like an enjoyable time! I’m not much of a sewer, so I so admire the skill. Its so wonderful that you can do it!I loved what you did to your home! I can see that you worked hard and put a lot of love into it!Also, thanks so much for sharing the ever encouraging and powerful verses! Love Ya and praying for you and your family always, Claudia O. (P.S., I’m with you about the orange and black house!)

  3. RoseMary

    Loved the quilt picture. How neat to get to visit the Noritake Gallery-you must see a lot of interesting things. Congrats on getting all you products in the mail! I would have been excited too! We take so much for granted here in the states.

  4. Martha C

    I can only imagine how exciting that would be! I remember that feeling when I was in the Ukraine and found a Snickers bar or something from “home.”

  5. Maggie Ann

    In answer to you question…well, I don’t do anything with my collages. Its fun to see them add up though. The stamping part is a real challenge but I enjoy trying. Its gratifying to have a small success now and again. Plus, I love playing with color and pattern.~~R. brought me home a set of Noritake china when he was in Korea. I should be ashamed to admit it, but he surprised me with them and I never did care for the pattern. I think its called ‘Bessie’, a white plate with a silver rim and a small blue for-get-me not in the center. Boy, I feel like a meanie admitting I never liked them…We use them on holidays and I’m trying to like them…I think…grin. Your new ‘berry’ dishs sound really pretty and cheerful.

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