Sights Around Town

I took this picture out the car window. I just couldn’t believe it. This is a new house. I cannot fathom living in a house that color. It made me thankful for my blue!

Japan is a land of gift-giving. There are certain times of the year when you are expected to give gifts to anyone who has done anything for you. These shelves contain gifts of fruit. The box on the top shelf contains 1 cantalope and 3 oranges. The selling price is $98!


I have been so inspired by the crafting blogs that I read. I have 2 quilts that I started and have not finished and today I dug them out to see what I needed to do to get started. I will include pictures in a later post. The one quilt is my deputation quilt. I hand-pieced it while we traveled all over the USA raising support so that we could come to Japan. I have the top all put together and I bought backing. I need to sandwich it and start quilting. I want to quilt it by hand. The other is a machine quilt that I am making for my daughter. It is in bright, bold colors and she would like to have lime green and pink walls to go with it! I’m not sure if that will be possible living in Japan. I have been looking, but haven’t found that color yet. Anyway, the quilt is cut out and I have about 1/4 of it put together. I am ashamed to admit the next project…I started doll clothes for my daughter and 2 nieces in the USA. I have them done, except for finishing touches. I just keep putting it off. I think I will finish them before starting on the quilts. These are the things I like to do, but I have put them on the back burner in order to study Japanese. Hopefully, I can carve out a few minutes of my weekend for these pleasures. We shall see….

4 thoughts on “Sights Around Town

  1. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks

    I love seeing pictures of the area in which you live.We attend a church near a university (which started on the campus in the 70s) so we have so many nations represented.My son has become very interested in Japanese culture. I told him about your blog and it was the first time his ears perked up when I mention “a blog I like”, hehehe.

  2. Seoul Man

    Hi, Kim,I laughed at your comment about the orange/brown house (or at least that’s what it looks like to me). Back in Cleveland, I know people who would love to live in a “Browns” colored house.

  3. Maggie Ann

    I kind of like the orange and black house (like modern art)…but…wouldn’t want to live in it or have it in my neighborhood, I must admit….=). that is shocking that a few pieces of fruit would be that expensive!!

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