A Day in My Life

Today was a typical busy day for me. I got up early to get a jumpstart on the day. I like to have toast for breakfast, but the bread here is cut so thick. I have learned to slice it in half to make 2 thin pieces. That helps to eliminate calories, but I still get to eat a whole slice of bread. I love peanut butter, but it is so terribly expensive. I make my own with my Vita-mix but I am out of peanuts right now. Someone who was here for a visit from America gave us some little individual peanut butter’s and we devoured them this morning. 🙂

After breakfast, I put a load of laundry in the washer and had some quiet time with my Bible. I read about Jesus healing a man that was deaf and mute. If He can do this for a man who was never able to hear or speak surely He can help me as I try to listen to and speak Japanese.

It was very cold out today, but it was a beautiful sunny day. I hung the towels out on the line to save on the gas bill. I like hanging clothes out so this is not a hardship for me. My neighbors had their futons hanging out the windows to air out. At first, this always bothered me. It looked so junky. Now I am used to it and almost enjoy seeing it. We sleep on our own beds from the USA, so we don’t participate in this acitivity.

We have an IP phone, so I can call the USA for unlimited hours for a flat fee every month. The difficulty with this is that we are 14 hours ahead right now. When I can call, people are sleeping or I should be sleeping. I did make a phone call today and spent an hour and a half on the phone. I would rarely do this in the USA, but here it takes the place of going out for tea or lunch or to a Bible study….

Next came a class with my kids. I am teaching high school speech to two of them. It was a short class today, but we were able to do some catch-up and get off to a good start for the rest of the year. This week was a good week of homeschool for us. We use dvds and computer programs. The computer grades the subjects that are done on it. The kids grade their own daily work for the other subjects with supervision. I help with all the questions and things they don’t understand. I grade all the tests and papers and record grades. All of this helps to free me up a little so that I can go to school. When I am out, my hubbie is supervising. Sometimes I wish I could do things a little differently. My oldest is taking a college correspondence course this year and is doing well on it. This was very encouraging to me since I have been responsible for most of his education.

Lunch was wonderful…on my language school days, my husband makes dinner. Last night, he made the most wonderful soup with vegetables, ground chicken, butternut squash, some kind of Japanese soup stock and kimchee (Korean.) It was yummy and even more so the next day! I love left-overs. Tomorrow night my hubbie is going to teach me how to make sukiyaki. I found some meat for it for half price. He is a great Japanese cook. I am a slow learner. Do you think it might be intentional? 🙂

After lunch, I spent 2 hours doing homework for language school. It is very difficult. I am expected to read a lot more kanji this semester. I spend half my time looking up kanji before I can answer the questions. I am praying for someone to speak Japanese too. Most people I meet want to practice their English. I am not retaining a lot of what I am learning because I am not using it as much as I should. I do keep plodding along.

Next came the grocery shopping. I had a craving for tacos tonight, but we were out of tortillas. The shop where I buy them is over 30 minutes away. 😦 I remembered a shop where I thought I saw some once. I went there and they had them in the frozen section! Yippee!!! The tacos were good, but a little more difficult to make than in the USA. We make our own salsa and guacamole. We us plain yogurt in place of sour cream. We are actually at the point where we prefer it. When in the USA, we still buy yogurt!

Friday night is family night. We are eating tacos in the living room while watching a family dvd. I have my laptop on a little table and am typing this as I watch. I hate to just sit and watch t.v. I always have something else going…I love to quilt. I haven’t worked on anything for awhile. I bought a Japanese patchwork book recently. They have a quilted purse in it that I love. I may go through my scrap bin and start one. Sounds like fun!

My Friday is ending, but for most of you that are reading this it is just beginning. Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “A Day in My Life

  1. Maggie Ann

    How nice that your husband is a good cook. That sounds like an extra special gift for you. Mine makes every holiday stuffed turkey and hams. Sometimes roasts. But, everyday supper is usually mine…all mine =). Do I like to cook? Nope.. I’m all admiration of your learning the Japanese language and homeschooling your kids. I’ve enjoyed this look into your life. Its nice you can call the States though. The communication technology today is just fantastic. I love it. When my husband was in Korea in the service, we had tape recorders that used reels of tapes. And, almmost every day we would faithfully mail each other a tape. He was over there 7 months, then home for 3. I’m so glad thats over with. SO glad.~~ We are here at J’s and our grandson is so cute. We love being together, the time is flying by though. What do we miss the most from home? Our own bed…=).

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