When you live in another country and culture there will be frustrations. I have had many in the last couple of months. Add to that the struggle with the language and sometimes life can seem insurmountable. I am blessed in that I have Someone to go to for help. I have seen the Lord come to my rescue in each and every situation. I would not trade these situations for anything else. It is in the hard places that I see more of my God.

Frustrations—have much to do in conforming us into His image. Yes, suffering, but also His sweet consoling fellowship in that suffering. It reveals to us the power of His resurrection, and when He arranges a release for us that no mortal could manipulate—we come to know Him.”

~In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn, pg. 65

2 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. Maggie Ann

    I tried twice before to leave a comment but blogger was being bad.~~You have a blessed testimony, and how precious to have the Lord come to your rescue and know it of a certainty. I cannot imagine the every day challenges you face. Praying for you..just now. I have duplicated your fence post girl…just have to find time to see about mailing. =)

  2. Jane

    I am so pleased to see someone mention Isobel Kuhn’s books. I think I have them all and they made a great impact on my life from my late teens. Also loved many of the biographies of early missionaries to China, such as Hudson Taylor etc.Spent three years in Bible College but have not lived outside Australia and time has shown that health issues would not have allowed living a primitive lifestyle. But I loved those books and they so shaped my life.

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