It’s Pixie’s Birthday!

Dec. 6th was our doggie’s first birthday. Some of you may not be aware of what a miracle it is that we have her. She is a gift as a result of God working in my husband’s heart. You see…he doesn’t like dogs. One day he casually commented that he thought it was rather selfish to say that we couldn’t have a dog when he was the only one that didn’t want one. WOW! We have a delightful little Yorkie. We had a slight miscommunication at the groomers the last time. Now our little Yorkie looks like a Chihuahua! Her new “do” is growing on us in two ways. We like seeing her expressions and may decide to keep it this way. Secondly, it is actually beginning to grow out a little. She looks like a little angel, but looks can be deceiving…..

We still adore her!

One thought on “It’s Pixie’s Birthday!

  1. Maggie Ann

    She’s adorable, I can see why you enjoy her expressions! What a cutie! Your tree & rug are pretty too. I think its just the greatest thing to be able to post pictures on the blogs. So much fun, like stopping in for a quick but ‘real’ visit.

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