Little Things

It always amazes me how God cares about the little things. This week I had a visit from a dear friend and fellow missionary in Japan. It was great to spend time with an American and talk with someone who understands some of the difficulties of living in a foreign land. When we met on Monday we went out for a relaxing lunch. During the meal, our server approached with a tray with 2 cups on it and asked if we would like coffee. I am a no to low caffeine drinker. She served my friend the coffee and I requested tea. She sat the other cup in front of me and it had tea in it!! How did she know? The little things…

On Tuesday, my daughter and I joined a women’s only fitness club. Unknown to me, my friend had joined the same club in her area the week before. I had planned on my husband translating for me the first day, but they wouldn’t allow him in. My friend was able to go and translate for us. What a blessing that proved to be.

Every day, I see the Lord orchestrate events in my life or show His love for me in what would appear to some as a small or insignificant way. I pray that I never lose sight of the little things!

4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Maggie Ann

    Its so satisfying to read this..and be reminded once again, that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. No detail is to small or to large for Him to provide for us =). Kathy & Alice were at prayer meeting tonight and gave a slide presentation. What a blessing and a shocker. The poverty is startling. I’ve never seen the like..looking at the city streets. They have been confined to thier compound for 1 yr because of the unrest there. But how they talk with ease and laughter and love of thier orphans and ‘grandchildren’. It was a privilege to hear & see them.

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