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Deck 2I wanted to participate in a link-up today of missionary homes.  I’m in the states on furlough right now, so I can’t take pictures.  Here are some links that show my humble, 900 square foot abode.  We are renting, but landlords in our area don’t do repairs,etc.  You are responsible for your own.  We have done all the work ourselves.  Next project we hope to do is paint the outside of the buildings.  We live on the same property as the church.  Hope you enjoy the tour!

The Kitchen/Dining Area

The Living Room

The Toilet

Our View

My Husband’s Labor of Love

New Vehicle

We have been desperately looking for a vehicle since our return to the states for furlough.  We were looking for something that would be roomy enough if our family went on a trip together and something that was comfortable and high for my husband.  We will be spending many long hours in the car, so he needed something that he wouldn’t have to pull himself up out of.  This was a big concern of mine due to his recent surgeries.  Every lead seemed to turn up a dead end.  Last Saturday when he was out car shopping, I was having a pity party.  “Lord, You know we need this vehicle.  Why are we having such a hard time finding one?  I know You know which car is for us.  Why won’t you show us? and on and on it went….”  Then I heard that still, small voice…”Ye have not, because ye ask not…”  I realized that I had been taking for granted that the Lord would provide with my wishful thinking that could hardly be called “asking.”  I immediately spent some time confessing and asking.  Two hours later, my husband called.  He found this…new van

…It is perfect for our needs.  We got a GREAT deal on it!  It has more bells and whistles on it than we have ever owned in a car.

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

~Psalm 68:19

Worth the Read

Fall 2009, Asuke, Japan

Fall 2009, Asuke, Japan

I Quit Liking Things on Facebook for Two Weeks… This was so helpful.  If you’ve been frustrated with your newsfeed on FB as I have, this gives new perspective.

To the Girls in the Pew Ahead of Me-“After the sermon, as you walked out the door, I wish I had touched your arm and spoken.  I wish I had thanked you.”

Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and the Explosion-“It doesn’t matter what shape, size, color, or flavor the trial comes in, we should count it all joy because we KNOW God is working in us.”

Cancer’s Last Battle with Pastor Tom Craig-I knew who this man was from school days.  I have followed online with his battle with cancer.  The author of this blog post wrote many about this pastor’s battle with cancer and his testimony throughout.  It has caused me to do some soul-searching about my response to the trials I find myself in.  It is my belief that nothing demonstrates God’s glory like the Christian’s response to the trials of life.

Parting Shot

July, 2014

July, 2014

The Written Word

“As a child and young person, I had had a driving compulsion to memorize the written Word. In the cell I was grateful now for those days in Vacation Bible School, when I had memorized many single verses, complete chapters, and Psalms, as well as whole books of the Bible. In the years that followed, I reviewed the Scriptures often. The Lord fed me with the Living Bread that had been stored against the day when fresh supply was cut off by the loss of my Bible. He brought daily comfort and encouragement — yes, and joy — to my heart through the knowledge of the Word.

Paul, the apostle, wrote that it was through the comfort of the Scriptures that he had hope and steadfastness of heart to believe God. I had never needed the Scriptures more than in these months on death row, but since so much of His Word was there in my heart, it was not the punishment the Kempeitai had anticipated when they took my Bible.”

~From Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose

While I was away…

…I worked at a ministry camp, wrapped up English classes and church responsibilities, prepared for furlough and ended up making an earlier than planned departure for furlough.

Since my return to the USA…I have slept in 5 different beds in 3 weeks and traveled many miles.  I’m happy to be in one place for a little while.  :)  I’m hoping to get started at blogging again.  I’ve missed being here and visiting with my blog friends.  Thank you for your patience and your prayers.

On a “lighter” note…(pun intended)  i am thoroughly enjoying shopping with my “new” husband!  Weight loss to date is AMAZING!!!



My Fortress

cropped-dscf5766.jpgYou are my fortress; You are my hiding place.

In time of trouble, I run to the rock and seek Your face.

Though others fail me, My dearest Friend is always true;

O, how I love You.

You are my fortress; I trust in You.

~Ron Hamilton


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